As an emergency strikes, time can be of the essence and a second too late can spell disaster. There are some great ways being used by response teams so that patients can get to a hospital quickly. There are some who try to take to the skies with the use of air ambulance. When a patient needs medical attention and the hospital is quite far, this is the preferred method of transport.


Without a doubt air ambulances can be quite expensive. There are situations where roads may not be existing or inaccessible and as such an air ambulance could be the only way to bring a patient to the hospital. The lack of road access could be the best reason to get an air ambulance and not more about speed. The airm├ędic ambulance is able to provide the same capabilities of land-based ambulances. The modern equipment any person needs to get is also found aboard an air ambulance.


Air ambulances were first used by the military to transport the injured back to the field hospital. Air ambulances have been used as early as the Korean War. The US military did use the air ambulance quite extensively. It makes a lot of sense to use the air as a way to bring the wounded and the casualties of way back to the hospital as quickly as anybody can.


We may not know this but the air ambulance is more effective because of the crew. Learn further details about this when you review the site at The pilots of emergency aircraft get a lot of training, more than those piloting non-emergency or ordinary aircraft. You can't say the training of non-emergency pilots are pieces of pie. Their training is tough too. Flying an air ambulance cannot just be trusted with any other pilot much more those who are untrained. The strict selection assures the safety of the patient when being transported.


Each country may have laws and protocols about operating an air ambulance service. It is not uncommon to see a doctor on board an air ambulance. There are times that even with the speed, there is a need to administer the right treatment to the patient while flying. There some instances the air ambulance is just a support for the land ambulances.


Airm├ędic ambulance services can be diversely owned. There are some parts of the world where emergency response includes an air ambulance. There are times the doctors are being flown in to help treat the wounded or injured.


The toughest challenge of air ambulances is the noise. It can be a factor for the treatment of the injured.


The Internet has plenty of resources where you can find companies that offer such services.